In September 2014 I assistant directed on a two week R&D workshop on a new piece of outdoor theatre called Dusk. The director was Olivier Lamford and the producer / writer Catherine Willmore.
Dusk is a theatrical event for a small audience which places the spectator at the heart of their very own fairy story.

Spectators walk one by one deep into a wood at dusk, guided only by a torch, and there they encounter a variety of characters and scenarios that they may – and some that they may not – expect to find.  

The experience takes place in three parts – each with a distinct set of character encounters – varying from dark and wild, to colourful and celebratory, but all very definitely uncanny.

Will each person make it home transformed?


We workshopped with three performers (Irene Bradshaw, Norma Cohen and Val Jones) and the fortnight culminated in a work in progress showing in Epping Forest on Friday 12th September.

There are plans for this to become a bigger event next year.




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