In March 2017 I spent a week at the RSC doing R&D on a new show idea called BOB. It will be a 50 minute piece exploring bereavement and loss for children. It has now been picked up by Bristol-based performer and producer Tessa Bide , and we aim for it to tour nationally in 2019/2020.


Two friends meet Bob, a blob of light, and their world becomes brighter with him inside of it. With him they play games, make adventures and explore. But one day Bob fades away and the two are left to come to terms with his unexpected disappearance from their lives.

Using ground breaking interactive live projections, light manipulation, movement and sound, Bob will be a 50 minute piece performed by two Japanese movement artists, exploring bereavement and loss in a playful, accessible and truthful way for young people.



Haruka Kuroda

Dai Tabuchi


Creative Team

Video Designer – Nina Dunn

Lighting Designer – Josh Pharo

Dramaturg – Stewart Melton


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Leon and the Place Between

I own the stage rights to this book and alongside producer Helen Milne am currently looking for a venue. Any thoughts do get in touch:


January 2012

This was a second, Arts Council funded workshop on a children’s book adaptation held at the Unicorn Theatre and produced by The Building Site Theatre Company. I worked with six actors* and writer Dawn King to explore different ways to tell the story. We held an industry showing at the Unicorn to generate interest in the eventual show.

Leon and the Place Between from Building Site Theatre on Vimeo.


Since then progress was halted by the fact that Disney bought the rights and then subsequently revoked the rights… The good news is that I have now purchased them. The creative team has also grown to include designer Charlie Cridlan.

It’s an ongoing quest. Watch this space!


*Mariam Haque, Rew Lowe, Phil Yarrow, Bryony Hannah, Hasan Dixon, Samantha Sutherland


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